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Prenuptial Agreements


Formalize Financial Boundaries

A family is laying on a bed, engaging in estate planning with their children.

Gone are the times when a prenuptial agreement, or “prenup” for short, was only a means for wealthy people to maintain control of their assets after divorce from a less-affluent spouse. Nowadays, with dual-income couples and blended families as the norm, these written premarital contracts are an effective way for many engaged couples to formalize financial boundaries, regardless of their net worth.

If you are planning to get married, you might consider a prenup if:

  • Either or both of you have children from prior marriages who should be provided for in
    case of death.
  • You both want to protect your spouse from responsibility for each other’s debts.
  • You would like to clearly delineate financial rights within the marriage.
  • Your goal is to avoid potential disagreements in case of divorce.
  • You need to protect your assets from community property defaults in California.

My approach is always caring and nonjudgmental, whatever your reasons for wanting a premarital contract, and I will make sure both parties understand and agree to every line item. In conjunction with a prenup, I can also support you with estate planning for second marriages.

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